Download Bloons TD 6 as you get ready for a huge 3D tower defense simulation game. Enjoy hours of strategy gaming and design a formidable defense.


Overview of the Game

Bloons TD 6 is the short form for Bloons Tower Defense 6, and this game was first announced in 2017. The announcement was made ono PRLog for Google Play Store, App Store, and Amazon App Store. Bloons TD 6 was then released in 2018 after the announcement.

This game was developed and also published by Ninja Kiwi. It is currently available on iOS, Android, and Steam platforms. The game also utilizes a similar pattern as its predecessors, and this involves the use of monkey towers and bloons.

However, in Bloons TD 6, 3D objects are mainly used, and this makes it possible to block the monkey’s view. This implies that the placement of towers in this game is very important.

Also, vision-blocking objects can be removed in the game. However, this is done for a fee. It is important to note that doing this will help you with free space. It will also enhance efficient tower placement when playing the game.

Heroes in the Game

The game currently has up to 10 heroes, but only 9 has alternate skin. It is worth mentioning that the alternate skin is only available for 2,500 each. Also, the heroes gain experience after completing each level. Here are the different heroes of the game:



This hero is also known as the archer and is known for its intelligence, strength, and pride. He uses his bow with an amazing skill that is unique and unmatched. It is important to note that the target of this hero can bounce up to 3 targets.

  • Wolfpack Quincy: This has been known from the wilder days, and is regarded as the ancestor of Quincy.
  • Cyber Quincy: This is the evolved form of Quincy


Also known as Pyromaniac, and he thinks that every Bloons can be handled with fire. All you have to do is to blast the Bloons with sufficient firepower.

  • Harlegwen
  • Scientist Gwendolin

Striker Jones

This is the artillery commander. He is strong, and with his skills and knowledge, he can handle every long-range, and with this hero, you can rest assured that you’d be able to boost your explosive powers. The Octojones is the Seal, while the Biker Bones offers an unmatched fury.

Obyn Greenfoot

This is the forest guardian with special abilities that allows him to command nature. With his spirit wolf, he can launch attacks and also shoot through solid structures and obstacles.

Captain Churchill

Also known as Tank because he possesses an armored tank that he uses when in battle. This captain has no time to tolerate nonsense, especially when no the battlefield. It is important to note that the bomb from his Tank explodes with huge power and causes tremendous damages.


You need this hero to earn you some cool cash. He is able to achieve this with the help of his hacking skills. It is worth mentioning he is also known as a code monkey in the game.



You can also refer to Ezili as the Voodoo Monkey. This is because of his understanding of dark arts, as well as his ability to manipulate other Bloons in the game.

Pat Fusty

This is the giant monkey of the game. He boasts of enormous strength and huge size. His power is an asset for every player, especially during battle.


The heroes would be incomplete without a high priestess. She is devoted to striking Bloons, and she does with so much vengeance in her mind.

Admiral Brickell

He is the naval commander of the game, and he has the power to command every water-based creature, including Monkeys.

Exciting Game Modes

One of the amazing things about this game is that it offers up to 17 game modes. However, these modes are categorized with respect to their difficulty. There are three categories, and they include Easy, Hard, and Medium.

Game modes can only be unlocked if the previous mode has been completed. The different game modes are as follows:


  • Standard: Here, players have 200 lives, and the Bloons move slower than normal. Also, players can buy towers and carryout upgrades in this mode.
  • Sandbox: Here, you get to test your bloons and towers in a fight-free environment.
  • Primary Monkeys Only
  • Deflation: The Primary Monkeys Only mode must be completed to access


  • Standard: Players are given only 150 lives, unlike with the easy mode.
  • Sandbox: Similar to that in the Easy mode, but the difficulty is more
  • Military Monkeys Only
  • Apocalypse: Bloons does not stop in this mode. They wave progressively


  • Standard: Players are only given 100 lives
  • Impoppable: Upgrades and towers are expensive
  • Sandbox: Similar to Easy and Medium, but has a harder difficulty.
  • C.H.I.M.P.S: The impoppable is a requirement for this mode.
  • Magic Monkeys Only
  • Alternate Bloons Round: The altered RBE of bloons makes this mode to be tricky.
  • Half Cash: This mode offers players different options for making cash.

It is important to note that access to each of the modes is only possible after the completion of the previous mode, as mentioned above.

Where to Get the Game

Visit the following sites to get the game and start playing the different modes:

Android ($4.99):

Apple Gadgets ($4.99):

Steam ($9.99):


Download Bloons TD 6 and start preparing to enjoy hours of the strategy game. Craft the best defense, and make it formidable. Use the different features for defense, including Heroes, upgrades, and towers, as well as special abilities. Explore the different maps, as well as their features.


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