Download Hello Neighbor and sneak into your neighbor’s house in the stealth horror game. Discover the secrets of your neighbor, especially in the basement.

An Overview of Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor is an interesting survival and stealth horror game. It was developed by Dynamic Pixels, which is a Russian video game studio. The game was then published by tinyBuild, after which it was released in 2017 for Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. It was later released for iOS, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Android in 2018.

This is a single-player survival and stealth horror game with the main objective of unraveling the secrets of a neighbor. You’ll do this by sneaking into the neighbor’s home and heading to his basement where these secrets are hidden.

What’s amazing about the game is its artificial intelligence. This modifies the neighbor’s behavior with respect to the past actions of a player. For example, setting traps on paths previously followed by the player.

Exciting Gameplay of Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor offers exciting gameplay in which a player will move into a new house located across the street. The player has a mysterious neighbor who is always behaving paranoid, and seem to have secrets in his basement.

The player’s main objective is to break into the mysterious neighbor’s house. There are different puzzles which the player will need to solve. This will allow the player to gather important items that will make it easy to unlock and access the basement.

One thing every player should note is that they are not to be spotted by the neighbor exploring his home. Players are also to ensure that the mysterious neighbor does not chase them down. This is because players will be captured if they are not quick enough to escape or hide from the neighbor. Players throw objects at the neighbor to distract him as they plan their escape.

It’s important to note that players will be sent back to their homes if they get caught or seriously injured. The player will then have to break into the neighbor’s home again when this happens. However, it is important for the player to be careful this time. This is because the neighbor will detect movements from the previous attempt and then set traps.

Another amazing thing about the game is the friendly neighbor mode, which the player can turn on. This mode will cause the neighbor to be less aggressive and also prevent him from setting traps. However, avoiding the neighbor remains an important thing to do at all costs.

Hello Neighbor is played in the first-person perspective. A player can interact with, throw, or use certain items and objects by aiming the reticle at them. For example, removing nails by aiming a crowbar at them or throwing a ball.

There’s an inventory space in the game, and this allows you to keep up to four items in the space. However, it is important to note that similar items can’t be stacked in a single slot.

Starting Tips for Beginners

The gameplay, as shown above, is an exciting one, with an interface that is easy to maneuver. There are several tips that will help to make the game easier for you. These tips are highlighted below:

• There are different things to pay attention to when playing the game. One of these things is a disturbing sound and a darker screen. The occurrence of this is an indication that the mysterious neighbor is approaching you. This is a sign for you to hide or run away and avoid being caught by the neighbor.

• Hiding Places: Being skillful is a very vital thing in this game, especially when you’ve successfully gained access to the neighbor’s house. Movement between the different rooms should be done with care and caution to avoid being caught. Sneaking around may not be enough, and players may need to hide from the neighbor.

• Find Different Items: There are different items in the game that will make things easier for you. It is important to find these items as you progress in the game. An example of this item is the umbrella, which gives you the ability to fall slowly from the neighbor’s roof.

• Inventory Slots: One of the main things to consider during the game is that there are three inventory slots. A player can only carry four items at a time. Therefore, it is important to keep precious items at your house for safety.

• Take Your Time: This is the biggest tip for every player. Patience is key in Hello Neighbor, and it is important that you take your time in everything you do. Rushing will only make it easy for the neighbor to catch you because you’ll make noise when you rush.

Where to Get the Game

As earlier mentioned, Hello Neighbor is a stealth and survival horror game that is played in the first-person perspective. Sneaking into the neighbor’s house, and finding out the hidden secrets in his basement is the objective of the game.

Players play against an advanced Artificial Intelligence that learns every move a player makes. This makes the game more interesting and challenging because players will have to be unique all the time.

This game is for you if you enjoy suspense-filled horror gameplay with a gaming experience that is constantly evolving. Visit the following links to download the game:

Apple Gadget:
Windows (29.99$):


Hello Neighbor is a suspense-filled, survival, and stealth horror game with a constantly evolving gameplay. It boasts of exciting gameplay designed from a fascinating plot. This game boosts creativity, and it allows players to show their skills as they sneak into the mysterious neighbor’s house.

Download the game now, sneak into the neighbor’s home, and unravel secrets that’re hidden in the basement without getting caught.

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