SHAREit apk is a Wi-Fi application used in transfer of files from a compatible device to another device, its safe and have high speed file sharing service, its free from any form of registration and any other related issues. Its initially launched in the year 2013, It can be used to transfer Music, video, files, photo, contact, applications etc. SHAREit download is available for android devices, and window/Mac users can also use it.

This app is recorded as the fattest transfer app in the world and has more speed than that of Bluetooth and it is 100% secured, in the early age of life the only best way for file transfer was either via USB or Bluetooth. In case of USB, the speed is from the capability of the cable used, Bluetooth speed was adequate, but still SHAREit have more efficient that Bluetooth.

Download SHAREit apk for Android

What do SHAREit do?

  • It can be used to send file from a Wi-Fi Compatible device to another.
  • SHAREit is 200times faster that a Bluetooth.
  • Transfer of apps, photo, music, files, videos.
  • It does not have any system restriction.
  • It can be use to transfer file from the Smartphone to Pc.
  • It gives you access to share a very wide range of file anywhere and whenever.
  • Shareit support all sort of file categories.
  • Shareit supports, GIFs, Wallpaper and Stickers.
  • It discoverer and listen to Trending music.

Features of SHAREit

Simple, Easy and fastest to use

Due many apps in the world claims that they are the fastest, SHAREit for android tops them all, SHAREit is one of the fastest apps in the time of sharing data files, it can transfer a data file with the speed of 20m/s which is equivalent to 200 times faster than a Bluetooth.

Transfer any form of files.

We all know that SHAREit apk is an app which is used in transfer of data between a Smartphone or PC. Share can basically be used to share file from the range of a picture, videos, document, folders, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint up to the range of apps.

Media Player

This one of the main reason why SHAREit is different from any other transfer apps in the world. SHAREit provides a features that a user can benefit from in term of media play. It also has the feature of infinite online video that come in HD quality and can be played at any time anywhere including offline. SHAREit gives access to user to watch online and videos that can also be downloaded.

Discover and Listen to Trending Music

We are now in the generation where entertainment leads, which SHAREit features a built in music player that can run many audio files like MP3, WAV and AAC, the music player is equipped with equalizer that user can optimize so that the music sound immersive and overall better.

Moreover, SHAREit users can also discover trending music via SHAREit apps. The app is equipped with a special panel features over 10 million songs and thousands of playlists that can be listen online and offline.

GIFs, Wallpaper and Stickers

Shareit provides user with GIFs, wallpaper and Stickers, this count in making SHAREit the number one transfer apps in the world, the GIFs, wallpaper and Stickers can be personalized, downloaded and shared among friends.

Share it does not make use of any mobile data in other to share files, its established by a hotspot connection of its own. The wireless is WPS secure, which refers to all the data and files shared are safe and secured.

The app is built for Android and IOS devices, it sizes from the range of 20 – 30MB in size. And also this app does not consume any mobile data.

Requirement to install Share it for Android

Shareit does needs a lots of requirement to be installed on an android device, it only requires Android 4.1 (jelly bean, API 16) and 512MB RAM to start functioning on an Android devices.

How to install SHAREit apk for Android Devices?

There are two ways you can install SHAREit app on an android device with the help of play store and phone browser (opera, chrome, Mozilla). But the best approved way to download an application is the use of play stores.

Here are some steps to be followed to install SHAREit on and android device to get it working.

Play Store

Step 1: To install and use this app, go to play store in your android device. Click on the search bar and type SHAREit in the search box. After that the application will pop out and you click on it.

Step 2: Click on the download button. It will take few minutes to download and install. No need for external installation because all app on play store runs an automatic installation.

Step 3: Then you processed to your phone icons where the app you download is been located.

Step 4: Open the app, now you can start sharing file successful.


Step 1: Open your browser on your android phone, you can use any browser e.g. chrome, Opera mini, Firefox and lot more.

Step 2: Proceed to the search bar on the google website and type “Shareit app for Android”. A lot of website will show for you to choose, now you can now proceed to the suitable one for you.

Step 3: After getting the suitable website for you to download you click on the download button and the and the download will start immediately, it will take few minute to complete the download.

SHAREit v5.1.98 for Android.apk
Step 4: After the Download is been completed, now proceed to the file location for installation.

Step 5: Locate this location on your android device to turn on the unknown source for installation.

Setting > Security > Device administration > unknown source> ( toggle on the button)

Step 6: Now click on the location where the completed download file is being saved click on it to start installation. It will take some few minute to finish installation.

Step 7: Proceed to the icon of Shareit on your device and click to start.

Step 8: Open the app, now you can start sharing file successful.

Phone to Phone file Exchange via SHAREit

Firstly, the download is being completed, to share files using Shareit the receiver and the sender must have install the application on his devices, to send files using Shareit here are some step to be followed;

  • Start the application and click on the send button.
  • This will proceed in opening a blue colour screen.
  • Your device will start scanning for available device where you can share your files.
  • Now tap on the receiver device icon to allow the file sharing.
  • With this you can successfully share file from one android device to another without internet service.

To receive a file using SHAREit

To receive a file using Shareit app, in the previous step (sending of file using Shareit)

  • Start the application and click on the receive button
  • When you click the receive button, the application will start scanning for other device like a radar.
  • When the sender detects your device and try to send file to your android device and a prompt box display.
  • Click on the yes button and then it allows the file to be send into your device.

Using this application user can exchange file among android, Pc, iPhone or any other Wi-Fi compatible device.

Send files from an android device to PC via SHAREit.

Firstly, you need to connect your android device and your PC this can be done in two ways which are:

  • Connect via hotspot on Pc.
  • Connect via hotspot on phone.

Connect via hotspot on Pc

  • Run Shareit on computer, the hotspot name will be provided in home screen.
  • Click your Pc name on the bottom left corner of your Pc to find the password to the hotspot.
  • On your android device connect your device to the hotspot.
  • Launch the share it app on your phone. Tap to open the main menu, choose connect to PC.
  • The Shareit will automatically search your Pc and establish connection between the phone and PC.

Connect via hotspot on phone

  • Run Shareit on your mobile device, and choose connect to Pc.
  • Click the Pc search mobile at the bottom right Conner, this will automatically turn on hotspot on your android device.
  • On your Pc click on the search button to search for mobile hotspot.
  • After the Pc detect your mobile hotspot an avatar will appear, click on the searched avatar to connect.

When your android device and PC are connected successful, it is now ready to receive or accept file. Tap the photos, files, videos, Music on your Android device and Send them to the PC using this wireless file transfer app on your phone.

Also we can also share file from the PC to an android, we the both device are connect you can just drag the file or photos, music, video, app from the location on your PC to the SHAREit connect home screen, the phone will automatically receive the file without any wire connection.

Download SHAREit APK All Latest Version

SHAREit v5.1.98 for Android.apk

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