It is not unusual that data sharing has been improved and pioneered with the steady advancement of technology and the introduction of new types of technology. There was a time when Bluetooth was used for transferring the files, but that era has gone. People are looking for the latest tools for sharing the data, which should fast, easy, and secure. This is the reason why new applications and software for transferring the data are introduced in the market.

What is Shareit

Shareit application/software is a platform that enables you to share images, videos, documents, and any data across mobile phones, laptops, and computers. Shareit for BlackBerry has made the sharing of data not only much easier but also more reliable. One of the critical features of this application is the option of multi-channel sharing. From phone to laptop, and vice versa, as well as from computer to computer, you could exchange data. The latest mobiles of Blackberry support the android version, and you can download and install Shareit on these Blackberry mobiles.

Lenovo developed Shareit. The program incorporates a Windows Server that is built to run continuously in the background when it is installed. When you manually stop the program, it stops working in the background. This app provides a dynamically operating background controller operation.

Generally speaking, Shareit saves your time, and you can transfer the files to any device. You don’t have to wait to move the large files. By installing Shareit, you can transfer the data up to the size of GigaBytes. You don’t need to purchase the CD / DVD drives or data cables for data transfer. Shareit is a free application, and anyone can download it. There are no charges for this app, download this app, and start transferring the data.

Why should you download Shareit

The information transmitted through Shareit for BlackBerry is protected with a binding communication protocol. This app works much faster than Bluetooth, NFC, or data cable. Transferring the data through data cable or hard drive is not secure as there is always a risk of virus, but you don’t have to worry about the virus while sharing the data through Shareit.

This app has videos, music, wallpapers, emojis, sticker, and much more. While sharing the data in Gigabytes, you don’t have to wait for hours. The files will never hang up, and in fact, there is a feature called Safe-Box, which secures all of your videos, images, and data.

When you have downloaded this app, it will work like a regular file of your device. No internet connection is required to access the data of Shareit. You can use the files even if you are offline.

How it Works

SHAREit for BlackBerry is a beneficial application that requires no wire to transfer data between different devices, and it is faster in speed than Bluetooth. You will need a direct wifi connection for this app. When you start his app, it automatically searches and connects with a secure wifi connection. One app of Shareit also searches the signals of the other app of the Shareit app.

Both users connect their apps. Files can be shared in a few seconds, but Shareit never compromises on the quality of data. You can share hundreds of files, and the best part is these all features are available for free. Anyone can access these features by downloading the app.

Features of Shareit on BlackBerry

Fast Speed: The key feature of this application is fast speed. The data transfer speed is about 200 times more than the transfer sped of Bluetooth technology, and it also ensures that data can be copied without any error. If you have a good internet connection and all the conditions are ideal, data transfer speed can also go up to 20MB per second.

Multiple Formats: Multiple formats of data can be shared through this app. You can share each format of data like images, videos, files, documents, spreadsheets. Moreover, Shareit also supports the transfer of different applications. You don’t need to download the massive size games from Google play store. Just connect with your friend and copy that app into your device.

Cross-Platform: The cross-platform feature lets you share the file with other platforms like Android, Windows, Mac, iOS, and Chromebook. You don’t need to keep multiple applications for sharing the data while using a device of different platforms.

No internet connection required: If your internet is slow and you have to transfer the files up to some Gigabytes, download Shareit. It uses your local area connectivity to transfer the data, and even if your internet connection is weak, the transfer speed of files will not be affected.

Connect Multiple Devices: You can share the same file with up to five devices by connecting through all of them at the same time. This fantastic feature allows you to communicate with multiple devices at the same time.

Other Features of Shareit

  • You can see the size of any file you sent or received through this app.
  • Shareit has two versions, one for the computer and the other is for the smartphones. You can also transfer the data between these two devices.
  • This app has a music player, and you can enjoy different songs through this app. It creates an automatic playlist of your favorite songs.
  • You can make back up of your files, and when you connect through any other device, you can get these files from the database of the device.
  • You can access more than 10 Million songs through this app. These songs can also be downloaded for offline mode.
  • You don’t need any other music player like Windows Media player or VLC player if you have installed Shareit.
  • It’s a multilingual application, and you can select different languages. Shareit supports 39 different languages from all over the globe
  • An infinite amount of data can be shared as you have no limit or restrictions of data transfer.
  • This app allows you to share images and videos both at the same time. You can send audio, video, music, and apps all the same time.
  • You can select any wallpaper, sticker, or GIF you like.

How to install Shareit on BlackBerry – Android OS

Shareit can only be downloaded on some latest models of Blackberry like BlackBerry Evolve/Motion, and BlackBerry Keyone/Key 2 LE.

The following are some steps to download Shareit in Blackberry-Android OS.

  • Go to the Google Play Store of your Blackberry
  • Click on the search bar and type Shareit.
  • The suggestion list will show you Shareit. (NOTE: You can skip these steps and go to the official webpage of Shareit and download the link of Shareit for Blackberry)
  • Open the downloaded app and tap on Install
  • Now tap on “Accept,” and Installation will start
  • You will see the icon of Shareit. Open it and start sharing the files with your friends.


SHARE is an elementary and accessible program of sharing data and files. The software has become the best replacement for Bluetooth and USB transfer in a short time. Once you have installed this app, you would love the hidden features of this application. It has been downloaded by more than 10 million users from the Google play store.

It has been reviewed and praised by thousands of international tech geeks. The application has compatibility and easy-to-use design for Ios and android operating systems. A safe connection and virus-free sharing of files are among the most amazing features of this application.

SHAREit v1.31.0.1 for BlackBerry

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