There was a time when sharing data across different devices and platforms used to be a huge hassle. Everyone had their own way of going about it, whether it be using USB flash cables, Bluetooth or cloud storage services there was no cohesive solution to the problem. Sharing content across iOS to Android or iOS to Windows was a long and cumbersome process.

Those days are long gone, however, with data transfer between different platform devices made super easy with SHAREit from Lenovo. The application is available on almost all the prominent platforms out there ranging from Desktops to mobile phones. SHAREit is the perfect application for individuals who frequently transfer data and content across different platforms. Currently more than 500 million users trust it with transferring their data.

SHAREit for IOS/iPhone

What is SHAREit?

Simply put, Shareit for ios is a cross-platform data transfer application. The application truly excels because of the convenience it provides to its users. The application is currently available on the Google Play Store and iTunes Store, it also has its own Desktop and Mac application. Using hotspot technology, the application utilizes Wi-Fi to allow users to transfer data across these platforms.

What are its features?

Since no Bluetooth technology is involved and you are using your local network to transfer content and data, transfer speeds with Shareit are approximately 200 times faster than that of conventional methods and other file transferring applications.

There is no limit to the amount of data you transfer through the application, so whether it is a 2mb image or a 4gb video, transferring the data through the application won’t be a problem.

Moreover, the application supports a wide variety of file formats as well ranging from music formats such as MP3 to document formats such as PDF and DOC to even contact profiles.

The application can support up to five devices at a time, meaning you can share your content over these devices simultaneously.

That’s not all, the application also hosts a wide variety of other features than just file-transfer. It has an extraordinary in-built playback feature that allows users to playback their multimedia flawlessly and conveniently.

It also has a vault of infinite high-quality entertainment videos, alongside trending music, such content keeps you constantly entertained while your file-transfer takes place.

Shareit for ios also boasts file encryption features and has an in-built safe box. The vault allows you to keep all your content and data ranging from media to documents safe and secure from theft.

The application automatically closes and shuts down the hotspot once the file transfer has completed. This smart functionality of the application greatly helps users save on battery life, security and performance of your device.

It also is well optimized for all the devices it is released on and has very fast startup speeds, amazing playback support and has heaps of high-quality content. It doesn’t take a lot of phone storage and uses very little memory when operating.

Shareit is also extremely easy to get into with the entire UI and UX process smooth and fluent. Installing and using the application is simple and the only restriction that the device has is that you have to sign-up and create an account to use it. There is also a great degree of customizability which the application offers.

The application also has support for a number of different languages which include Arabic, Hindi, French, English and many more. This makes sure that users understand exactly how the application works and that language is not an issue.

Advantages of Shareit

Over the conventional sharing applications, Shareit has a large number of advantages. The first and foremost being the speed at which it allows data transfer over a hotspot network. Shareit is one of the fastest transfer applications out there.

Secondly, the application has features and functions other than file transfer. You can watch HD videos and you can also download these videos for viewing offline. Shareit also offers the ability to go through its vast catalog of millions of high-quality songs and it also sorts your playlist according to your personal taste of music. The entertainment content is frequently updated allowing you to stay up to date with the most trending music on a regular basis.

Shareit’s dedicated multimedia player is also amazing and great to use for playing back your own downloaded content. The frame rates don’t dip, and the application supports serval multimedia formats, allowing you to quickly access the media you have transferred.

Fourthly, the application, unlike any other data transfer app, comes with a built-in equalizer, which is perfect for listening to high-quality music, it’s media player also supports high-quality HD video.

The large number of customizability options that the application offers also makes Share It superior to every other application out there. Through the application, you have access to almost an infinite amount of wallpapers, stickers, and GIFs which you use to customize your profile and make your experience fun and lively.

The in-built security features also make sure that your data and content is transferred in a secure manner and that no third-party application can gain access to it. Security is something which many data transfer application compromise on. Shareit also makes sure that all the content and data being transferred is virus-free.

The best part, unlike many other applications Shareit is absolutely free and you can enjoy all the hosts of features that it offers at no cost. The experience it provides is premium at no cost.

How to install Shareit for IOS

To install SHAREit for IOS you need to simply search the application on the app store. Once, the application is installed all you need to do is create an account and instantly start transferring your precious data to other devices.

You could also install SHAREit on your IOS device by going on the following link and clicking on the “download from iTunes” button.


Very few data and content transfer application accomplish what Shareit does. The file-sharing application is super convenient to use and has changed the way individuals transfer data across different devices. It is a far superior alternative to Bluetooth or USB transfer; if you have a smartphone.

The application also provides a ton of other features, which make the entire experience of using the application more fun and entertaining. The speedy file transfer application is used across the globe by millions of users and has been constantly praised by critics from around the world as phenomenal sharing app. None of Shareit’s competitor application come close to the number of features that the application offers.

Share it truly the king of cross-platform data transfer applications.

Download SHAREit (87.3 MB) for IOS

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