SHAREit is one of the most downloaded network applications around the world. It is widely used for transferring media, applications and files from one device to another.

As the name itself suggests its use, you can share any pics, documents or videos you have with anybody without using data or connecting wire.

Transferring data by using SHAREit is many ton time faster than conventional bluetooth connection. By using the SHAREit application, you can transfer media between any type of devices. This application is available for all Android, IOS and Windows devices.

Kindly speaking, these type of application made our lives easier, we can receive a large size of files or images in almost no time and good quality without using internet connection or spending data.

You can send or receive data with simply establishing connections between devices. You can use this application on any of your devices, but in this article, we are going to talk specifically about this application on windows 10 phone.

SHAREit has recently upgraded its version for windows 10 phones and also introduced a few new features especially for this device.

In this article, we will talk in detail about SHAREit for windows 10 phone. So stick with us till the end of this article.

Shareit for Windows 10 Mobile

Shareit is the most popular and downloaded application. Windows users widely use Shareit for transferring files on other devices. Using SHAREit, you can easily connect and share files with android as well as pc device.

With existing features which are common for every device, SHAREit has provided an update for windows 10 with some new exciting features.

The latest version which has been updated recently is 1.7 and 1.7.15 is the most recent part of this version, which has more updates than the previous one. These few special updates only for windows 10 phone make Shareit windows 10 kind of application.

This app had been recently categorised as a security threat, but soon after allegations made, Shareit has proven its authentication.

In conjugation with windows 10, SHAREit works very nice and give their users a more secure using experience. Windows 10 is considered safer than android mobiles, and that’s why lots of people use windows phone.

A safer file transfer application on a safe device makes its security more strict. An updated version of the application is, even more, user-friendly and they have provided built-in tutorial inside the app so that everybody can use this app easily.

Now let’s talk about all of the features of SHAREit in detail.

Features of SHAREit

SHAREit is a networking app which creates a network between devices. In Spite of conventionally available methods for file transferring like bluetooth, it uses a different method.

SHAREit use hotspot and wifi for making a network. Once the connection gets established, one can easily transfer files from one device to another and at super speed.

For boosting the speed of the ongoing file transfer, you will have to ensure better wifi connectivity.

Every Time prior to starting file transfer one need to open their hotspot first. Opening of a hotspot is a background process automatically controlled by the application itself.

After opening hotspot, your device will come on the radar of your partners SHAREit app. He can recognise you by your avatar name and profile icon. You will get an avatar as soon as you start using the application. You can choose name and profile pic displayed on that avatar by your own in the beginning.

Soon after your friend will accept, file transferring will be started. You can either send or receive files and media using SHAREit.

For sending any file, you will have to go on transmission menu from there click on send files after that you will be directed inside documents of your phone. From there you can select files which you want to send, after selecting the file you will have to press on the send button, and after that, your device will wait for a receiver.

At the same time on your friends mobile your avatar will arrive as soon as he accepts that receiving requested file transfer will be started. Make sure you live within a range near your friend’s device so that your wifi connection works well.

Similarly, for receiving any file, you will have to hit the receive button. After that, your device’s radar will be on, and you will get the list of a person from whom you can receive. Out of them choose the avatar of your friend and file transfer will begin.

In case your available memory is less than the size of the file which you want to receive, then file transfer will not take place. You will be able to see your whole available and used memory.

This feature of sending and receiving files are essential features of the app for which app is meant, but apart these features some features are added in order to make this process of file transferring easy, interesting and secure.

We are going to talk about such features which are provided by SHAREit for windows 10 user.

Additional features for Windows 10 mobile user

Along with all the basic features provided by the application. SHAREit It provides few features which will cause ease in transferring files and media.

Right now 1.7 and 1.7.15 version are the latest version of SHAREit for windows 10 app.

This version mainly updates the UI of the app.UI stands for user interface here. In this version, a different user interface is provided than usual. Everything in this new updated version looks standard and straightforward.

On the main page transmission icon is given from there you can select any of the options out of send or receive.

Just near transmission when you will click on menu bar icon features like a tutorial, chatting etc. will open. You can either watch a tutorial before using the app; you can chat with a partner with whom you are connected.

Along with these features, one new feature that has been added is transferring files with pc. You can transfer files to pc without using wire by simply scanning a QR code.

This version imbibes the kind of features explained above now let’s see how you can install SHAREit on your windows 10 mobile.

How to install SHAREit for Windows 10 Mobile

Installing SHAREit on windows 10 is not a kind of a tough job. There is also no certain requisition or permission required for installing this application.

This application can be downloaded on windows version above 8.0 from Microsoft store by simply clicking on getting this app. This app is available there out of free.

Another method of installing SHAREit on windows 10 mobile is to get app file for windows from somewhere and install it on transferring.

A version of the SHAREit application for PC and phone is very different. You can’t install a PC version of SHAREit on your mobile.

On the Microsoft store, you will have to choose out of your device. If you are using a phone to download then automatically, it will lead to downloading and installing a mobile version of SHAREit.

By using a PC or Laptop also you can download a mobile version of SHAREit from a store and then install it on the phone.Let’s see step by step actions required to be taken for installing SHAREit.

Steps to install SHAREit

There are two ways by which you can install SHAREit on your Windows 10 mobile. First, by using your phone from Microsoft store and second is by using pc from Microsoft store. Here we will talk about every step you will need to perform in both of these methods.

Steps for installing SHAREit by Phone

  • On your mobile internet first of all before anything
  • Then after go to Microsoft Store
  • Search for SHAREit out there
  • Choose the latest version from there suitable for your phone
  • Click on Get it and download
  • After downloading it will be automatically installed in your mobile
  • Open it and use for file transferring

Steps for installing SHAREit by pc

  • Connect your PC with internet
  • Search for Microsoft store
  • Search for SHAREit in Store search icon
  • Choose the latest version
  • Select phone out of 3 modes given
  • Download appx file
  • Transfer it to Windows 10 phone
  • Install it and run in your mobile

After installing complete few initial procedures and use SHAREit to transfer media on any device using your Windows 10 phone.


SHAREit is an application used for transferring media and files between devices without any internet connection.

This app has so many advantages over conventional bluetooth mean of file transferring. It is tons of time faster than conventional bluetooth.

SHAREit can be used to transfer files between any device. It is available for both phone & PC in android, ios and windows.

For windows 10, SHAREit is very compatible. SHAREit has provided updates for windows 10 phone only, and so they are considered most appropriate for windows phone.

New features like chatting, Nre ui has been added. This app is developed by Lenovo and can be easily downloaded and installed from Microsoft Store.

SHAREit V1.7.15.0 for Windows Phone

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